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2022 Flying Summary

Just a quick summary to try to get back in the swing of things…

Miles: 88,475
Segments: 125
New Aircraft: A321neo, ATR 72-600, B737-MAX8
New Airlines: Royal Air Maroc (AT), Brussels Airlines (SN)
New Airports: CMN, JNU, LIS, SCE, HPN
Most Common Aircraft: Embraer EJR-175 (39 flights)
Most Common Airline: UA (65 segments)
Most Common Airport: DEN

Additional Stats:

Total Airports: 42
Total Airlines: 7
Total Aircraft Type: 17 
Total Unique Airplanes: 111
Total Routes: 81
Total Countries: 8
Total Continents: 3

Most Northern Airport: JNU, Juneau – International, USA 
Most Southern Airport: GCM, Georgetown – Owen Roberts, Cayman Islands
Most Eastern Airport: BRU, Brussels – National/Zaventem, Belgium
Most Western Airport: JNU, Juneau – International, USA

How’d you do?


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