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How I Keep Track of All My Miles and Points

I think I’ve been pretty consistent in keeping the focus of this blog as a place where I share my travel, dining, and frequent flyer tips. I don’t frequently talk much about the various ways of earning miles and points because I don’t consider this a “miles & points” blog (there are tons of blogs out there that focus on this, by the way). But, with all my travels, you better believe that I do everything I can to earn all those loyalty points and frequent flyer miles along the way.

I was recently traveling with some friends and a conversation came up about frequent flyer miles. My friend, let’s call her Maria, mentioned that she had some miles with US Airways, but it wasn’t very many so she was just going to let them expire when American merged frequent flyer accounts as part of the AA-US merger.  I couldn’t let her do this so we logged into her account only to realize the miles had already expired, but for less than $100, she could buy them back.

Long story short, I asked how could she possibly not keep track of the miles and points she earns. She said she has too many accounts and it is hard to keep track of them all. So then I asked, “you mean, you don’t use AwardWallet to keep track?” Maria looked at me and blinked. You see, is a website I (and my other frequent travelers) use to track all of their point balances.

AwardWallet is pretty simple: after you create your (FREE) account, you enter the login information for each of your loyalty program accounts. AwardWallet will then track all of your balances and display them in one easy-to-read website. Pretty amazing, right?

AwardWallet Logo

Every Saturday, AwardWallet sends me an email outlining which accounts had balances that either increased or decreased in the previous week. I find this an easy way to keep track of my accounts without even going to the AwardWallet website.

Another reason why I love AwardWallet is that it tracks EVERYTHING, from frequent flyer accounts to my Chase Ultimate Reward Balance and my Open Table Points. AwardWallet even tracks the amount of credit I have with

Finally, one of the other reasons why I love AwardWallet is that I don’t have to remember the usernames and passwords of accounts I don’t use very often since AwardWallet stores all of this information for me.

If you don’t have an account, what are you waiting for? Sign up today (my referral link; I don’t really get much, but eventually free upgrades to AwardWalletPlus). Also, if you are a first-time user, use the upgrade coupon “free-xtentj” for a a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus (available for the first 10 new users).

Do you use AwardWallet to tack all of your miles and points? If not, how do you keep track of all your valuable miles and points.

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