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In-Flight Delights: Episode 3

Not too long ago, I started a new series on my blog called “In-Flight Delights.” With this series, I share some of the wild and craziness I experience first hand while on the road. 

The third installment in my In-Flight Delight happened earlier this summer. I was heading to Nantucket Island. I found a super cheap fare from Austin to New York/JFK to Nantucket. This  In-Flight Delight began in the jet bridge as I made my way to the bus that would take me to my plane that was parked remotely.

The bus was packed, and I assumed that most people had been drinking (I assume, because I had been). Because the bus was so full, everyone was close to each other. Lucky for me, I was standing next to a lovely blonde lady and could overhear her conversation. For the record, I was not being a creepster; rather, she was talking loudly. What I overheard was pure gold, so I decided to tweet it:

And that’s how #ACKblonde was born. The conversation, which apparently was a serious conversation, inspired a few more tweets:


How lucky was I when I finally boarded the tiny regional jet and I saw who I was sitting by:

She didn’t sit for long:

It turns out that #ACKblonde wasn’t the only fun person on the flight:

And then this happened:

There were some weather issues in the area, namely a bad rainstorm in Nantucket, and operations at JFK weren’t the best. Our flight was delayed, which happens from time to time, and the captain did a good job of updating us. Unfortunately, my fellow passengers weren’t as go-with-the-flow as me:

With delays, come odd behavior from passengers. By odd behavior, I mean small bladders:

Meanwhile, while #ACKblonde was in the potty, this happened:

Once settled back in her seat, #ACKblonde helped pass the time by reading:


And then this happened…

Emerging from the bathroom, literally 35 seconds later:

Long story short, we were delayed and on the ground in JFK for a long time:

Once we were cleared for takeoff, #ACKblonde and #ACKbro had passed out were asleep, and all was well with the world.

Has anything similar ever happened to you? 

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