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Traveling with Dogs: The Adventure Continues

My partner and I recently ran the BolderBOULDER 10K — a  decision that probably should have taken into account training, altitude, and training. I mean, it’s a pretty good idea to commit to running 6.2 miles at an average altitude of 5,300 feet, right?

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know that I was that guy that was tweeting while running. I mean if you put in no effort to train, why not tweet about the experience, during the experience?

But I digress… the real purpose of this post is to talk about my continuing adventures of traveling with my dogs. In the first year of my blog, I wrote about a road trip I took with my yellow labs, Cayman and Casey. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I tend to post a lot of pictures of my girls.

TGIF from Justin and Casey

One example of one of my dogs on instagram.

The night before the race, we stayed at The Westin Westminster, which is located near Boulder, Colorado. Staying here served several purposes: It was a place to stay the night before the race at a location close to the race. Also, I had a flight from Denver back to Austin later in the day and needed a place to clean up before heading to the airport.

But most importantly, the Westin is famously known for taking dogs. While the specific rules vary by location, in general, most Westin hotels will take your pets and send up a dog bed and food dish to your room.


Cayman and Casey do the Westin!

The Westin isn’t the only dog-friendly hotel. Kimpton Hotels are also super pet-friendly as well as Loews Hotels. For you budget-conscious road warriors, La Quinta Inn & Suites allow pets up to 50 pounds (La Quinta is where I stayed last year with my dogs. If you recall, Cayman was not a fan of the bedding.)

Back to our stay at the Westin. Coincidentally, there was a bull-mastiff dog show being held at the attached convention center. Now, my oldest dog, Cayman, is a big girl. Most folks mistake her for a male because she’s a big girl (I call her a BBW – Big Beautiful Woman). So before dinner I was taking the ladies out for a bathroom break and we got on the elevator. We were on the top floor and I was hoping and praying that there wouldn’t be any stops on the way to the ground floor.

Three floors later and an older couple gets in. They seemed unfazed by my energetic dogs (believe me, Cayman and Casey love to explore and smell everything!) As I typically do in these situations, I asked, “Do you mind sharing the elevator with us?” The couple giggled and replied, “Of course not, they look like puppies compared to our mastiffs!” “Phew!”

My biggest regret was not snapping any photos. I mean, there were bull-mastiffs everywhere! If you have never seen a bull-mastiff, here is one:

(I found this on pinterest; if it is yours, let me know so I can credit you/take it down.)

(I found this on pinterest; if it is yours, let me know so I can credit you/take it down.)

I love traveling with my dogs. There is something fun about staying in a hotel with them. What about you? Do you travel with your pets? Any fun experiences?

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