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10 Trips You Need to Take In Your Twenties

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this video, but ever since I’ve found it, I think I’ve watched it about 100 times. I’ve done several of these on this list, and I wrote about how #4 has significantly impacted my life:

In case you don’t have the two and a half minutes, I’ve listed the trips the video says should take in your twenties (although, I think these are trips that you should take at some point in your lifetime, not just your twenties):

  1. go on a road trip, across the country, with your best friends
  2. use a eurail pass to see europe, preferably on your own (just try not to get bedbugs at the hostels)
  3. go on a cheesy spring break (in your early 20s); just remember, spring break is like an STD: it stays with you for life
  4. lose yourself in southeast asia, preferably with new friends who you meet on the road
  5. you should probably go to burning man, but if you can’t make it to black rock bonnaroo will do in a pinch

  6. go to the himalayas and embrace your inner beastie boy
  7. go on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere
  8. spend a week on the beach with someone you love
  9. take a last minute trip on a train to see an old friend
  10. spend a week in paris with a friend that you hope secretly likes you back

What do you think? What are some absolute trips you must experience?

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