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My Top 5 iPhone Apps

The holiday travel season over and I did a fair amount of traveling. What helps me when I’m on the road is my handy-dandy iPhone. These are my must-have apps:

American Airlines App
American Airlines. I’m a huge fan of American Airlines. They are my primary airline mostly because being so close to a hub, there are frequent flight options out of Austin. AA’s app is fantastic. They recently updated it and it looks great! [Price: Free]
FlightTrackPro App
Flight Track Pro. Flight Track Pro tracks all of my flight itineraries (in conjunction with When an airline updates the flight schedule, Flight Track Pro is automatically updated with the new information. If in the air, and you are connected to the internet, you can track your flight’s progress with a handy-dandy map. [Price: $9.99]
Google Maps App
Google Maps. Yes, I know. The Google Maps app was just recently released. BUT, ever since I got my first iPhone, I used the pre-installed maps app, which was great! Now that Google Maps is back, it’s like all is right in the world. Having a reliable map app is mandatory for being on the road. [Price: Free]

Snapseed App
Snapseed. Let’s face it, taking photos is fun. What’s even more fun is photoshopping your photos to a) make them look like a professional took them, and b) do anything to make your photos look more glamorous than they really are. Snapseed gives you many options to touch-up your pics. [Price: Free]
Facebook App
Facebook. Once you’ve a) flown on American, b) tracked your flight, c) used Google Maps to get to where you were going, and d) took a photo and made it look fabulous with Snapseed, you’re going to want to broadcast all this, right? What better way, than with Facebook? Enough said. [Price: Free]

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