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Need to Buy Airline Tickets? Let This Website Do the Work for YOU!

Searching for airline tickets can seem daunting and can be very time consuming. Did you know there is a website that will continue to track specific airfares for you and will email you when prices drop? is my go-to resource when I am needing to book airline tickets. Sometimes I’m just not sure whether I am getting a good price or deal. So I turn to, a website that will track specific airfares for me. When the price drops – yapta emails me! is pretty easy. They have a search engine similar to what you would find on, or But the trick with yapta is they have a “Track Price Drops” button. When you click this button, yapta will begin to watch this specific itinerary. When the price drops, you will get an email indicating the current price and the percentage change.

I have been using yapta for quite some time. Just last week, I saved $153 dollars on a ticket on Alaska Airlines to Seattle. Since I’ve been using yapta, I have saved thousands of dollars on airfare!

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