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FlightTrack Pro App (Normally $9.99 – Free for a Limited Time)!

* * * UPDATE *** I am out of free codes and the redemption period has ended. Thanks for your interest!

Earlier this year, I wrote about My Top 5 iPhone Apps that help me stay on top of things with all of my time on the road. One of those apps, was FlightTrack Pro.

FlightTrackPro App

FlightTrack Pro tracks all of my flight itineraries (in conjunction with When an airline updates the flight schedule, FlightTrack Pro is automatically updated with the new information. If in the air, and you are connected to the internet, you can track your flight’s progress with a handy-dandy map.

Earlier this month, several blogs I read mentioned that free codes for this app were available at Starbucks as part of their on-going “Pick of the Week” partnership with iTunes. I scoured all of my local Starbucks stores in an attempt to find some codes, however, none were available.

This morning, I was getting my second third cup of coffee when I noticed a stack of these codes! So, next time you are in Starbucks, keep your eye open. If you don’t have any luck (just like I did all month), I grabbed about 20 cards for you, my readers!

Be one of the first 20 folks to comment below, send me a tweet, or post on my Facebook page and I’ll send you one of these codes! NOTE: Promotion code expires September 24, 2013, so be sure to redeem by then.

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