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Use this little trick when refilling the gas in your rental car

I’m about to share something with you that is going to blow your mind. And it is so easy, you’re going to say to yourself, “Gee, how did I NOT know that?”

You know that feeling. You are running late to the airport and you remember that you still need to refill the gas tank in your rental car. You know that as you get closer to the airport, the gas prices only get higher.

You take the next freeway exit hoping that the gas station around the corner isn’t overly expensive. As you pull up to the station, you panic – WHAT SIDE OF THE CAR IS THE GAS TANK?

And then you remembered, “Oh, that’s right, I know. I read and remember.”

Okay, are you sitting down?

Next time you are in a car, look at the gas gauge. See that gas pump in the middle?

Gas gauge in rental car

Do you see what I see?

Do you see that arrow?

Gas Gauge with Arrows

You’ll never look at a gas gauge the same way again.

It is pointing to the side of the car that the gas tank is on.

Mind blown? BAM. You’re welcome.

Did you know of this trick? Do you have any other similar tricks?

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