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More Plane Food!

It’s no secret that I love plane food. In honor of #FoodPornFriday, this post is dedicated to the food I’ve enjoyed in the air over the last couple of months. Hope you enjoy as much as my belly did!

To start, some warm nuts and cocktails:


Warm nuts on United. AUS-SFO. August 2014.


Gin and Tonic on United. AUS-SFO. August 2014.


Gin and Tonic and warm nuts. DFW-EGE. August 2014.

Now on to the main course:


Chicken cacciatore and gnocchi. AUS-SFO. August 2014.


Watermelon salad, chicken, and dessert. Quite a fabulous meal on Virgin America. SFO-AUS. August 2014.


Plane-shaped salt shaker on Virgin America. How cute! SFO-AUS. August 2014.


Chicken and pear salad with roasted beets, feta cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. AUS-LAX. June 2014 (I think!)


Chicken with béarnaise sauce, wild rice, and snap peas. LAX-AUS. August 2014.


Open-faced turkey sandwich with slaw. DFW-EGE. August 2014.

And for dessert…


Did someone order a chocolate chip cookie? Not gonna lie, I had several. LAX-AUS. August 2014.

Are you an airline food foodie? What are some of your favorite meals you’ve been served in the air?

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