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Cayman and Casey Do Maroon Bells

My dogs, Cayman and Casey, and me before a hike at Maroon Bells, Colorado

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Thanks again for visiting, and especially to any new readers! To help celebrate my two year blogiversary, I’m holding a contest where I’m giving away a $50 gift card!

Here’s how to enter. I recently wrote about one of my travel goals for 2015. I have two states left to visit: Alabama and Tennessee. Leave a comment below and tell me which state I should  visit last and where should I go?

That’s it. Contest ends 9:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, November 8, 2014. All decisions are final, void where prohibited, I make all the decisions regarding the giveaway, and there is no appeal **yadda yadda yadda**  The winner will be announced by 3:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Good luck!

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31 comments so far.
  • Rushabh Pasad

    I have neither visited Alabama nor Tennessee, but I have been wanting to go to the smoky mountains national park in Tennessee since quite a while. I have researched quite a bit about it and whenever I plan that trip, I know it is going to be amazing. Thus, I would suggest to keep Tennessee as the later option so that the last trip comes out to be amazing and the memories from it stay forever.

    P.S. It usually starts snowing in December, so I hope you make it to the smoky mountains before thanksgiving. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I would say visit Alabama last and visit the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival on May 23-24. That would make for a really unique, special, and visually spectacular last blog post on your journey around the United States. The Jubilee has over 60 hot air balloons that people can walk around, volunteer to help crew, and even ride for free. It would make for a really striking and colorful blog post, and that would be a great closing for your U.S. journey to show a pic of you up in the air looking over our great country. Congratulations on being so near to reaching your travel goal!

  • t n

    See Elvis in Memphis. Wow, so many states that you have visited.

  • aficionado

    Justin, I’m surprised that Tennessee is one of the two states you haven’t visited. There’s so much to see and do there that I didn’t know where to begin either. I chose Nashville because it’s easy to get to by plane and offers a beautiful city with lots of music activities, tours, river boat cruises, night clubs, museums, the Parthenon, and homes of music stars–which just taps the surface. The first time I went, I flew out in the early morning from Pa. and flew back at night. Round trip in one day! Yes, I’m a little crazy that way. But I jam-packed a lot and really enjoyed everything the city has to offer. And it’s not really a city to me–more like a small town with major sports stadiums easily reachable by pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland River. Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame, Grand Ole Opry, and just explore the cool downtown area.

    Outside magazine recently rated Chattanooga the best town in America. Actually it was their readers who voted for it. Up-and-coming mountain town with a fitness and health vibe. You should also go to Memphis, but I’d save that for third. Oh, and don’t miss Great Smoky Mountains National Park–the most popular national park in the country.

  • Rick

    Visit Tennessee first for the camp value of Dollywood, Grand Ole Opry, & Elvis. Save Alabama for last since it’s the most homophobic state & doesn’t deserve our money.

  • Jay Sanders

    I think you should visit Alabama last and go to the Alabama – Auburn football game in November 2015.

  • TerryH

    Alabama last. Try the Gulf shore, or historic MLK sites.

  • Jemille Hardy

    Tennessee has Memphis which is pretty interesting and has barbeque!! Beale Street is pretty good too. Never been to Alabama, and no desire to go there.

  • Troy

    Smoky Mountains National Park is amazing! Check out Tennessee – it has a lot to offer!

  • tomtom77

    Smokey Mountain Park in Tenesse is real nice.

  • Sara

    Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, and stop at Dollywood!

  • Travis

    I live in Nashville, Tennessee (Chicago transplant) and its a great place. I moved here for a job, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. Nashville is a great city — music, food, history — and East Tennessee (the Smoky Mountains) is wonderful as well, as long you stay in the mountains and away from the tourist traps!!

    To sweeten the pot, I have an AirBnB space in a great neighborhood Nashville. Contact me, and I’ll give a cut-rate deal!!!

  • Carey

    You have to save your last trip to be Nashville, TN. The city is beautiful (check out the Batman building), the people are great and the weather is usually pretty nice. Visit the Grand Ole Opry and Musi Row on 17th Ave to see some cool music studios. Eat at Swetts for some delicious home-style meals. Would stay at Hyatt Place or Sheraton to be in the middle of the Music City. Perhaps check out a Nashville Predators game too! Good luck.

  • M L

    Hike n camping in Smokey Mountains is fun…..not been to Alabama (Share your experience after visit :))

  • EIG

    I would suggest Chattanooga in TN. They have a Ruby Falls Cave, Lookout Mountain, and a Riverfront which has a festival every yr there

  • Marib

    I would visit Tennessee last – so much variety there, from the stunning beauty of Great Smoky Mountains NP and Lookout Mountain, the country music scene and Johnny Cash Museum, Graceland, Civil War historic sites, etc., etc. And I’ve never been! But it’s on my to do list as one of the last dozen states on MY list.

  • Joshua Lewis

    I grew up in Alabama and have frequented Tennessee. I would say that Tennessee has more in the way of tourist destinations and is probably a more interesting locale to visit overall. The mountains/hills are gorgeous. Outside of the gulf area, Alabama probably doesn’t have anything that is noteworthy for a tourist. Unless you’re really into space stuff, then go to Huntsville for the Space and Rocket Museum.

  • NYCBK123

    You should visit Tennessee last and go to the Parthenon in Nashville!

  • Stacy

    Go to Tennessee and have ribs in Memphis at Tom’s Bar-B-Q & Deli

  • L Robbins

    You must go see Graceland and Beale Street in Memphis and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Both fun places to go.

    I’ve never been to Alabama either so maybe we could go together. 😀 My nephew is in his first year as a professor at Alabama, so I am hoping to visit Tuscaloosa.

  • If I were going to Alabama, I would definitely go to an Auburn football game. That would be awesome!

  • Julie

    I vote for Tennessee and the smokey mountains. It’s such a beautiful area.

  • Joseph Alberts

    visit montgomery, alabama and learn about a much overlooked bit of our nation’s history–the civil rights movement. from the rosa parks center to the dexter baptist church and parsonage (MLK’s home in the city), the city is full of important history. i visited on a cross-country road trip a couple years back and enjoyed it very much. i also realized how little we learned about the civil rights movement in school. it’s pretty embarrassing, in fact. check it out yourself!

  • Urvish

    Visit Tennessee first and visit Grand Ole Opry, & Elvis.

  • howaaman

    I haven’t been to either of these states, but I think that you should visit Tennessee followed by Alabama.

  • EJ

    Neither! You should visit Korea instead 🙂

  • cahdot

    not sure which one first but Tenn sounds more interesting

  • miffSC

    I think you should visit Tennessee… so much to see and do… especially if you rent a car and travel around. Depends on your interests – national parks and hiking? Want to get tacky and visit Gatlinburg (near the Great Smokies) – or Dollywood? You can’t go wrong in Nashville either if you enjoy music and music history. Speaking of history, you could visit Memphis…. or Chattanooga….so much to see and do. Besides, if you are in TN, I could drive up and see you!!!

  • princessfiona911

    Visit Gulf Shores, Alabama. Your memories will last a lifetime. We took our kids there one summer and discovered the most beautiful beaches. We hired a private charter that took them deep sea fishing. Watching the kids fish, huge smiles on their faces, was the best thing. We camped at state parks and thoroughly enjoyed the company of everyone we met. You won’t be disappointed in your visit to Alabama. Of course being a Texan, that’s a huge a compliment to Alabama.

  • cyclefan

    I’d visit Tennessee for the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Might be a little brisk right about now, but…… there is so much to see and do in Tennessee.

  • Adrienne Davitz

    Tennessee – and I would go with the suggestions in trio advisor .
    Stay away from gatlinburg and pigeon forge.
    Huge disappointment. 🙂

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