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Random Conversations on the Road

When you travel frequently, you run into a lot of people. Whether it is your seatmate on the airplane or some random stranger at the bar, when you’re on the road, you are bound to be in a situation where you are talking with someone you don’t know.

I usually try to avoid this as much as possible. Those that know me know that I’m not a huge people person. I’m not anti-social or anything; I’m just not one of those overly trusting people. One of the most common phrases you’ll hear me utter is “I hate people.” Sorry. Actually, no, I’m not sorry.

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Just last week I was flying to Atlanta, Georgia for a scientific conference I attend every year and had the most pleasant “random person” conversation. I had been upgraded to first class (score!) and the seat next to me was empty until just right before the front door was closed. The last passenger on the plane was an airline employee (the uniform gave it away) took the open seat next to me.

I’m not one to strike up conversation, but the airplane had a mechanical delay. I had received an email from American notifying me of the delay at the same time the captain made the announcement about the issue with the plane. The man sitting next to me groaned and I asked if he was okay.

He explained that he was commuting home after a week of training and had switched to this flight at the last minute. I can’t remember how the conversation went next, but we spent the next hour or so talking about the airline industry, but specifically about the changes at American and US Airways due to the merger. Next thing you know, the Captain announced that we would be switching aircraft due to safety concerns.

So we deplaned the aircraft and were told that the new aircraft had been identified. We wouldn’t be leaving for at least an hour so I used that opportunity to take the SkyTrain at Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport to the American Express Centurion Lounge.

When I returned to the plane (I arrived as my name was being called for final boarding – oops), there was my seat mate standing by the door saying “I told them they had to wait for Mr. Justin to return.”  The gate agent turned to me and said, “It’s true, we were told we couldn’t close the door until you showed up.”

It turns out the gentleman I was sitting next to was an American Airlines in-flight crew instructor and carries a lot of clout with the front-line employees of American Airlines.

So the point of the post? You never know who you may run in to on the road!

Do you ever find yourself in interesting conversations while on the road? Have you ever been stuck in a bad conversation?

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