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Justin Does…Get Sidetracked…Oh look! Something Shiny!

I usually schedule some time to sit down and write a post for my blog. I’m not very good at sticking to a schedule of posts, but I’ve been trying to do two posts a week (thanks for reading). Speaking of reading, have you read any good books lately? Shoot, it happened again…Justin Does…get Sidetracked.

Anyways, I had good intentions to write a post to stick to my…oh, look! Something shiny! BRB (be right back).

Instead, I found myself consumed with BuzzFeed…Here’s what I was checking out instead of writing a blog post:

Of course, then I felt the need to rewatch some of my favorite YouTube videos:



And then I needed to check my instagram feed, my twitter feed, and Facebook. On Facebook, I found some more cute puppy Buzzfeed posts:

And then I found this beautiful, but heartbreaking story about the last day of a dog’s life.

Robyn Arouty / Via
Robyn Arouty / Via

Seriously, you have to read this story, but warning: have tissues ready.

And that is how I spent several hours…not being productive. Does this ever happen to you? What are your go-to “let’s waste time” websites?

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