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American Airlines iPhone app now shows incoming flight information

If there is one thing I like about United Airlines, it is that you can easily track the actual plane and incoming flight for any flight. This can be helpful, as I wrote about earlier this year.

Yesterday, American released an iPhone update that includes the ability to view the incoming flight information for your upcoming flight, among other updates:

07/14/2014 AA App Update details

Details of the July 19, 2014 AA App Update

Previously, you could only find this information on when searching for the status of a specific flight.

For my flights today, I was able to see how the information is displayed on the American Airlines iPhone App.


When you tap on the new dark-gray bar, gates and times of the incoming flight are displayed.

07/14/2014 AA App Update details

I’m a fan of these changes as American has put the functionality of their website into their iPhone app. Do you find this update useful?

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