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Help Austin, Texas get Uber. Please, I beg you!

I’ve written before about the best car service out there: über. Did you know that über is not allowed to operate in the city of Austin, Texas? This is ridiculous.


For four years in a row Austin has been at the top of the list of the fastest growing cities in the United States of America. Downtown has a lot going on with its vibrant live music, restaurant, and bar scene. Often times you’ll find yourself in the need of a taxi. If you live here or if you’ve ever visited, you know how impossible it is to get a taxi cab.

Yet, ATX doesn’t have über…yet. Up until recently, the City of Austin wanted to require black car services to have a 30-minute pre-arrangement time and a minimum charge of $55. To read more about why Austin needs über, see:

If you agree that this is ridiculous, then go here and sign this petition: This will take less than 1 minute of your time!

If you live in Austin, you need to sign this petition. If you ever visit Austin, trust me, you’ll want über, so sign this petition. If you are a fan of riding in clean, comfortable, and safe cars, sign this petition. {These are all the same petition, so please sign it!}

While Austin City Council recently voted to allow car-sharing services, services such as über are still not legally allowed to operate. Austin is currently reviewing a resolution that would help bring safe, high quality transportation to Austin. Please sign the petition and help transform transportation in Austin.

Do you use über? Did you sign the petition?

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