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GoGo In-Flight Internet Price Adjustments, Again

Two weeks ago I wrote about a huge price hike for monthly GoGo internet passes. A reader pointed out to me this morning that it appears that GoGo, the WiFi provider for many of the major domestic airlines (including Alaska AirlinesAmerican AirlinesDelta Air Lines, and United Airlines, etc.) has yet again adjusted their prices. This time, however, the prices have gone down.


I reached out to @GoGo on twitter to see if I missed the announcement of the price increase. In a brief email exchange, a GoGo representative explained that:

An email about price changes was sent to current monthly subscribers.  If you have let your subscription lapse, then you might not have gotten an email.  However, monthly unlimited subscribers did receive an email.
For clarification, though, monthly subscribers who were paying $34.95, were increased to $39.95, which should be their current price.  If you are a new subscriber, the current rate would be $54.95.  In other words, existing subscribers will pay a much lower rate than people who just sign up for the service today.

When I explained that many friends who are and were subscribers never received a notice, GoGo followed up:

In terms of email notifications, a notification was sent to unlimited subscribers.  Subscribers to our Traveler Pass (monthly pass that’s airline specific) have not received any notifications because they shouldn’t have received an increase at this point.
For clarification:
–          Current Gogo Unlimited subscribers were notified that their pricing went from $34.95 to $39.95
–          Current Gogo Traveler Pass subscribers haven’t seen a price increase at this point

If you were a subscriber in the past and let your subscription lapse, you would need to renew at the current monthly subscriber rates of $54.95 for Gogo Unlimited and $44.95 for Gogo’s Traveler pass.

Well, GoGo adjusted their prices yet again:


As of today, December 18, 2012, the GoGo Unlimited pass, which allows unlimited internet access on all GoGo-equiped flights, is now $49.95 per month. Two weeks ago, the GoGo Unlimited pass price was raised to $54.95 (from the previous price of $39.95).

GoGo’s other monthly pass, The Traveler Pass, which is unlimited monthly service on one airline, has also decreased in price: currently $39.95/month from two weeks ago price increase to $44.95 (still an increase from the previous rate of $34.95/month).
So in less than a week of corresponding with GoGo on this, they change their prices yet again. Will they make up their minds or what? Or maybe the fluctuations can be chalked up to my investigative journalism…

What are your thoughts about this?

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