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What To Do About Purchases?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how to earn cashback/miles/points when making purchases online. One  thing that I would like to point out is regarding Historically, did not participate in shopping portal rewards. amazon changed their policy recently and the now participate in a couple portals (e.g., Hawaiian Miles eMarket, ebates, etc.)

What’s interesting about amazon’s participation with ebates is that not all purchases earn you cashback. Cashback is available on purchases in select departments and only for a limited time.

So what to do? Well, you can check back to ebates on a regular basis to see if your purchase will earn cashback. Or, you can use your purchase to help raise money for conservation research.

An organization that I have been a member of since college is the American Society of Primatologists (ASP) – an organization that aims to understand, conserve, and inform about non-human primates. ASP has an arrangement with where if you click through the link on ASP’s website, ASP will receive a percentage of your purchase.

What does ASP do with this money? Money earned from purchases are used to fund conservation research or related projects involving lemurs, monkeys, and apes.

If you want to see what has been done with this money, check out the listing of titles for conservation projects that were funded by ASP. These projects have contributed to the better understanding, and conservation, of dozens of primates in the wild.

So, what to do?

That’s up to you, but when I do shop at amazon, I always start my shopping trip at so that I can help contribute to the conservation of monkeys (and lemurs and apes).

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